Development in India can only be ushered if the next generations of the country, its children grow into educated, independent and conscientious individuals. Let’s Educate Children In Need (LECIN), a youth led non-profit organization thus, strives to make a difference in the lives of those young ones, who come from the marginalized communities. They form a major part of our population which do not have access to proper resources like quality education. Our academic programs, together with extra-curricular ones, aim to make a positive contribution to every child’s long-term growth, by facilitating a stimulating and enabling learning environment.


We strongly believe that to bring a change in society, communities, as well as individuals, must come together and contribute equally. LECIN focuses on quality, integrity and teamwork, with a goal to make a difference through holistic development

Nupur Bhardwaj, one of LECIN’s founders, is a dreamer and a planner. During her college days she volunteered to educate children in under-resourced communities. Through this she began to see cracks in the existing education system as well as problems faced by children from these communities in learning. This motivated Nupur to start LECIN in 2015 to help fix those problems. She is also focused on creating a safe and happy space where children can enjoy learning and feel free to express themselves. Nupur hopes to make a positive change in the field of education as well as in the lives of people connected to the field.

Ankush Panwar, one of LECIN’s founders came to know of the organisation when it was barely an idea. A need for college students as volunteers to help teach children from under-resourced communities drew him closer to the idea that grew to become LECIN today. One of Ankush’s major motivations behind LECIN was the desire to travel down the road less taken. He also aspires to break the social myth of NGOs being run only by the rich or differently abled. With LECIN, Ankush enjoys spreading motivation, affection and love to all the people around him. He also loves being introduced to new people, their stories and struggles while pushing the limits of his boundaries wider by learning something new each single day .

Rohit Kumar, one of LECIN’s founders is a keen learner and explorer. His willingness to do something value based and the opportunity to learn something new is what motivated him to join LECIN. Prior to LECIN, Rohit has worked with other NGOs which involved educating children from government schools. This not only drew him closer to the field of education but also made him more aware of the existing problems in the current system. With LECIN, Rohit has grown bolder and more innovative with his ideas and has also been able to challenge his own boundaries and limits. He currently enjoys giving and receiving laughter and happiness through LECIN’s everyday work.

Ritika is always eager to learn new things and focus on improving herself. The different kinds of activities and teaching methods at LECIN are what first grabbed her attention. Through educating children, she hopes to learn new things herself as well. She aspires to develop her skills as a teacher and grow beyond her horizons. Apart from teaching, Ritika is well versed in stitching and drawing.

Kanchan Kumari enjoys learning new activities, interacting and getting to know new children and people. Kanchan loves teaching and has taught in schools even before her marriage. She says the most valuable lesson she learnt at LECIN is that every child is different and has a different rate of growth. Faced with the harsh realities of life, Kanchan had given up on her dreams and ambitions but has started believing in them again after joining LECIN. She wants to help other women to dream and hope again as well as help build a society where men and women are given equal rights.

Jyoti Devi has dreamt of working with an NGO or teaching children for the last 10 years. Her dream came true when she received the opportunity with LECIN. Reciting poems with the children and reading books out loud with them are some of Jyoti’s favorite activities. She aspires to spread the message of Early Childhood education far and wide. She also strives to develop her self-confidence and be able to express herself without fear.

Jyoti is an artist who loves drawing and painting as much as she loves listening to stories. At LECIN she enjoys being able to express herself freely as well as being treated as an equal along with the other facilitators. Watching the other facilitators at work and the fun activities, she was inspired to join LECIN and be a part of the education field. Her favorite activities at LECIN include singing nursery rhymes with the children, and trying out new activities with them. She looks forward to developing her language skills as well as learning new things with the help of her fellow facilitators.

Pooja, is a dreamer with big ambitions. She enjoys performing a variety of new activities with children regularly.  Pooja wants her son to enjoy the positive early childhood learning experiences that LECIN has to offer. She aspires to learn all that she can about educating children with early childhood education and bring her own innovative ideas to the table as well.

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